Polyurethane in our products

Polyurethane in combination with aluminium tube and plastic

We manufacture vacuum cleaner handles made of soft Polyurethane foam. Polyurethane adheres well with all components, provides a soft feel, a good grip and a high-quality look.

Handle made ​​of polyurethane. Polyurethane (PU) gives the grip necessary softness.

Polyurethane in combination with leather

Soft polyurethane (PU) foam absorbs walking shocks and thus makes your stroll a soft and pleasant experience. Due to its microcellular structure, Polyurethane never gets buckled or deformed (it retains its original shape). In the production process, the leather is first inserted into the mould and then poured over by Polyurethane, pushing the leather into the mould shape. More on our orthopaedic flip-flops available at: DAL Flip-flops

Soft polyurethane inserts coated with leather. Soft polyurethane foam absorbs shock and provides a comfortable step.

Polyurethane soles

Polyurethane is a light, elastic, durable and flexible material. It is a perfect fit for durable soles with excellent long-lasting mechanical characteristics. Polyurethane soles provide your foot with a good grip and phenomenal stability. Apart from soles made of one type of polyurethane, our company can also produce polyurethane soles in combination with other materials, e.g. with rubber for a better grip or a softer polyurethane version for better shock absorption.

Polyurethane for shoe industry. The combination of hard, soft polyurethane foam. Polyurethane soles of all kinds and colors of shoes, boots, slippers and sandals.

Polyurethane tennis racket handles

We manufacture polyurethane tennis racket handles for HEAD. For these products, hard polyurethane with low specific weight is used. The handle weight is only 15 grams.

Hard polyurethane handles for tennis racquets.

Upholstered polyurethane rests

Polyurethane foam is applied in interior car equipment elements, such as seats, head restraints, armrests, roof linings and dashboards. Polyurethane covers a very wide spectrum of hardness, density and cellular structure. Soft polyurethane foam is used for this kind of rests that provide comfort and support for passengers. In the production process of polyurethane rests, the leather or other fabric is inserted into the mould and poured over by polyurethane. When expanding, polyurethane pushes the leather into the mould shape. After the product is removed from the mould, the rest is already upholstered.

Soft polyurethane foam for upholstered seats.

Polyurethane inserts

Za podjetje We manufacture soft and hard Polyurethane ski boot inserts for the Alpina company. This product does not require any additional felt adhesion to the Polyurethane insert, since the felt is inserted into the mould and then covered by Polyurethane which, upon its expansion, binds the two materials together.

Soft polyurethane footbed for ski boots.

Mould manufacture for your product

You might have an idea for a new product and you don't know if Polyurethane is the right material for its production, or, perhaps, you are not sure how the mould should be prepared for your product manufacture. Based on our many years of experience in mould and polyurethane product production business, we can offer you our advice or manufacture the moulds. Please, call us and together we will find a suitable solution for your product.Pokličite nas,da skupaj najdemo primerno rešitev za vaš izdelek.

Consultancy in the manufacture of aluminum molds for polyurethane products.